With the introduction of OpenCart 3. Managing your extensions and OpenCart themes is one of the things that will be different from now on. Download OpenCart 3. Let us show you how to install and uninstall modules in your OpenCart store using the brand new integrated Marketplace and the improved Extension Installer.

To begin, go to your OpenCart Admin and then open your Extensions menu. To begin using it for new extensions and themes, you will have to setup your Marketplace API. First, go to your OpenCart account here. Go back to your OpenCart admin and click the yellow button at the top right corner of the Marketplace. We are likely to see more improvements to it in the near future as well. Apart from the search bar, you can filter themes and extensions by categories as well as All, Free, Paid and keep a log of your Purchased tools.

To make your extensions part of the new 3. After you add the downloads, there will be a processing period during which the OpenCart team will review your extension and add it to the marketplace. This is how the product page of an OpenCart module looks like. On the right side, you have the basic extension details, such as price, rating, support and documentation info. You can also see the extension developer details and how many times the module has been sold or downloaded.

Below the extension images and screenshots, you will see four tabs - GeneralDocumentationDownload and Comment. The general tab contains all of the product details and extension specifications, including any marketing and promotional materials. This is where you can find out whether the extension comes with a documentation and how to find it. This is where you install the extension via the OpenCart 3. Click the Install button and wait for the Progress bar to notify you of the successful installation.

In our example, we installed a payment gateway, which is why we will find it in the Payments section:. You remember the Extension Installer from the previous OpenCart versions.

This will be the log where you will be able to track all of the modules and themes you install in your OpenCart store. Find, select and upload the extension. To finish the installation, find the new module in your Extension list and click the green Install button. This will remove all the changes to your OpenCart website made by your extension.

To uninstall an extension in OpenCart, go back to the Installer, find the extension in the Install History and click the red Uninstall button. These are the two ways to install extensions in OpenCart 3.

Soon, we will show you how to install and configure themes in the new version of the platform. Stay tuned and let us know if you have any questions in the comments below! OpenCart 3. Then go to Your Stores to register your shop. You can add all of your sites if you are running multiple OpenCart stores.

Click the Add Store button to continue. Enter your store domain and click the Submit button to continue. Once you submit your store, you can view your API Information.Congratulations on your purchase of an OpenCart template! This documentation consists of several parts and describes the installation, configuration and setting up an OpenCart website process.

We did our best to make this manual information to be presented in a simple way. As an effective reference, the documentation below will provides all information you need, it has been restructured in different chapters, you can see in the left-side menu. You are able to navigate to any part of the documentation using the active content headers' links.

We recommend that you should start reading the documentation at the first section. OpenCart — is an Open Source e-commerce application. OpenCart provides easy customization of your online store. OpenCart community includes a number of users starting from the experienced web developers looking for the user-friendly interface, ending with shopkeepers that start their online business for the first time. OpenCart provides a great amount of features that allow you to control your store.

Using OpenCart tools you can easily uncover the store potential. Usually there is a vast of different settings that available with a new Template, and because this is an open source software, it isn't always the same for each developer.

Make sure to read through this documentation available for the Template that you are installing so that you know what features are available for you. In this article, we will guide you some instructions and tips in term of configuration on OpenCart Theme. Video to view user-guide to install Theme. Then install the package contain that layout.

CakeShop – Cake Bakery Shop OpenCart 3 Theme

With other themes you can install the latest version of that theme. Then you will see the message Success: You have installed your extension! How to install language? You can read more information: Click here. When you install multi language the default language is arabic, it is not an error. Please You enter your content. Because there are so many modules, Select the module you would like to translate.

Insert translations into the content. If the module has language files for English and you want to translate them for Spanish, then at the very first copy all the language files from English language directory and paste all of them in Spanish directory in the same structure as it was in English language.

For example, there is a file in module directory for English language called foo. Click here. Video to How to add Featured product. Click on product to create features product.OpenCart is periodically updated with new versions of itself.

It is a good idea to update your store with each new version released to take advantage of bug fixes and new features. It may seem like a hassle to update the shop every time a new version comes out, but it is worth the effort in the long run. There are ways to avoid the pain of upgrades, such as using quality themes and modules that do not modify your OpenCart core, or using vQmod. This guide will explain how to upgrade from the v2. Versions earlier than 1. To see if the a store with an older version can upgrade to the newest version, your web server needs to meet the basic technical requirements.

To see the latest technical requirements for the latest version of OpenCart, 3. If you want to move your shop to the latest version and are currently using a 1.

Updating from a 1. To access the latest version of OpenCart, visit the Download page:. The latest version will always be at the top of the Downloads list.

opencart 3 download

Click "Download" to save the zip version. Unzip the zip file to a location that can be easily located later. The next step in updating is to upload the files from the latest version to the store's file directory via a FTP client.

Transferring these files will overwrite the existing files, so it is a good idea to save the existing files from the store's root directory on the administrator's computer as a zip file. With the store's files backed up, the newest version can be uploaded with the FTP client. See Installation to learn how to connect to the store's directory using Filezilla. In the Local site side, locate the OpenCart version's upload folder and open it to view its contents.

The easiest way to upload the files of the latest version, without these two config. That way you can select everything within the upload folder without worrying if the config. Every file within "upload" is automatically loaded to its proper path this way. These files should overwrite the existing files, so select "Overwrite" when asked by the FTP client. After uploading the files of the new version to the FTP client, the administrator must visit the install page. The following screenshot displays the upgrade instructions after it finishes updating when viewing the install page.

After letting OpenCart upgrade complete, the following success page will be displayed. The install directory can be deleted now. Though the upgrade has completed, there are still a few things to do to get the administration side of your store in order:.

Once the administration is in order, you can resume the routine of managing your store; except now you are equipped with all the improved tools and features brought by the update.

Backup your files using FTP file copy or use cPanel filemanager to create a zip of all the existing opencart files and folders. Updating from 2.So Ladaz - Free Responsive OpenCart 3 Theme is specially designed for eCommerce sites such as electronics, mobile, home accessories, computers and match any online store. So Ladaz is available free for fans of OpenCart platform. It is not only easy in configuration but also simple in interacting with customer more than ever. It has no limited in color, you completely select any favorite color as a special skin for your website, simple and luxury that will benefit your customers to gain a pleasant and easy experience.

Furthermore, the theme comes with all needed eCommerce features for building a professional online store such as daily deals, quick view, mega menu, wishlist, Add to cart, product comparison…. Theme Package Use this package to install on your current site. QuickStart Installation Package This package includes theme, modules, plugins and sample data.

By using this package, you will have a complete site look like demo site. Earn money with SmartAddons! Get paid immediately. View Offer. Login Sign in. Remember Me. Account registration Choose a subscription plan Fill in billing information Confirm your order Become a member and access restricted content Not a member yet? Register now! Super Content Bundle. Customer Testimonials Customer Showcase. Product update. Go To Cart Total : 0 checkout. Apr, Version: 1.Customer satisfaction is our priority.

There are many great reasons to trust in ThemeGlobal:. When your membership expires, you can still use all our templates downloaded during your membership period without paying any extra fee. Our latest themes are created using fully responsive design techniques. Full functionality of your Opencart store on all mobile devices is guaranteed.

People come for our designs but stay for the support. Our support team is always on standby to help you with any questions or issues you may encounter. Our templates came with powerful features, easy to customize, suitable for every type of store.

We hope you will have a great experience. Our goal is to create the best Opencart templates with a modern and sophisticated design, following the latest tendencies in web design. Hi, I wanted to thank you for your excellent themes and support.

You have made it so much easier for us to have clients choose themes, and may i say they are very very good. I recommend anyone thinking of joining up to do it now. These guys are fantastic, support is amazing and themes are the best out there.

opencart 3 download

Amazing templates! Definitively worth the money! Brilliant site with such a good service and great what you have done with OpenCart. Keep it up. I sent a minor complaint to Themeglobal Sales about their account renewal process.

But they stepped up to the plate and made it right, plus some! I am totally impressed with their quick and appropriate response! Thank you so much, Themeglobal Sales! Most Excellent Support! Just wanted to say that this is a great site. I'm new to opencart and finding it relatively easy to work with.

Download Opencart

I've contacted support team a couple of times and they have always been quick and responsive. It was really a great pleasure to work with you. Thanks once again for your great support. And I'm totally not surprised that it passed a downloads. My appreciation's. Excellent, thank you very much. I knew it was probably some really simple. Since it was available on the demo.Since we had a sneak peak into the new version back in March, the entire OpenCart community has been excited to see the new face of the platform.

In the beta version that OpenCart released in March, we noticed three major changes in the open-source platform:. Download OpenCart 3. In the official release of OpenCart 3. OpenCart 3. The design is more compact, with minor detailed touches. The profile link leads to the editing section in the admin panel where you configure your profile details.

A small new addition is the category menu hover as well as the new hamburger menu outside of the main vertical container. Whatever the main language of your store, you can use it for the URLs to all your pages.

opencart 3 download

They are located on the right hand side of the screen. You can search products by the same values like you would in the previous interface. Moving on, we see the new filter in the Reviews section in your Catalog.

OpenCart Themes

You can filter all your product reviews by product, author, status and date. The marketplace for themes and extensions has officially been moved to the OpenCart admin panel. To begin purchasing and installing tools from the marketplace, you need to hit the Marketplace API button and enter your details :. This is the new layout of the OpenCart Extension Installer. The new addition here is not only the improved interface.

You have a new section called Install History, which holds a log of all the extensions you have installed in your OpenCart store. There is not much new in the Events apart from the layout of the event list and the presence of the basic event codes that you can enable or disable and view their Trigger and Action using the Info button.

The theme editor lets you make any changes you want to the code behind your OpenCart store straight from the admin panel. You will be using the Twig language.November is going on and the New Year is coming soon, we are very close to In this collection, there are 10 Multipurpose OpenCart 3.

To be added in any "must-have"item of any developer, eMarket OpenCart theme is on the top best-seller in OpenCart Platform on envato. Currently, it works well with OpenCart 3.

In additioneMarket speed always A level GTmatrixpage loading level is good, use-interface is friendly, rating is very good 4. Especially, it has more than 25 homepage designs with different topics for any option. It's great for your customers with a pleasant and easy experience.

It was one of the best-selling themes in the last 6 months on ThemeForest. Revo is a modern and Fully responsive multi-purpose OpenCart theme for any type of store. In combination with the super powerful administration panel packed with a bundle of options, you totally yourself can create a unique e-commerce website, only for you, named your own one.

The easy-to-custom Admin panel and detailed documentation will let you totally build and control your store. Porto is in top OpenCart theme on Themeforest, it is not only an Ultimate Responsive Opencart Theme that is extremely customizable, easy to use and fully responsive but also suitable for every type of business, portfolio, blog and ecommerce sites.

Especially it's very beautiful on mobile devices. Porto is now fully compatible with OpenCart 3, and released 20 Designs estimated! With 8 predesigned demos, you will quickly find what you are looking for with Mooboo. Even if you are a complete beginner with little to none prior experience, Mooboo theme has a drag and drop page builder, various mega menu styles, Product Swatches, Ajax product filter and Newsletter popup and a ton more you can think of.

Perfect for: shopping Store, Online Store, Fashion It is also the typical OpenCart theme model by universality, attractiveness and easy customization. Harvest Opencart Responsive Theme is specially designed for mobile, furniture, home appliances, kitchen, electronics, art gallery, medical, tools, fashion designer clothes, food, jewellery, beauty store, watches and Multipurpose stores.

Harvest Opencart Responsive Theme is available in ten different layout and colors combination. Especially, its Jewelry OpenCart Design looks good, so smoothy and gorious. Fastor is the best product in series of Top OpenCart 3 Theme In addtion, Fastor is packed with features and layouts so not only will you be creating beautiful OpenCart websites easily, you will also receive huge savings with our included modules, including: Revolution Slider, Blog, Multistore MegaMenu, One-Page and much more.