In search of a land contract home 2 to 3 bedrooms. Open to look at properties in most of upper michigan. Roughly 'x' with some adjustment for fractional section A creek flows through the southern portion of the parcel and has some low area near it, but this is almost all uplands and nicely wooded.

There is a cruddy old collapsed cabin on the west side about half way down, but if you explore up the trail t. Home needs some work but is priced accordingly. Please email for more info or with questions.

Updates include ;Metal roof and siding Log siding on front Carrier high effenciey furnace amp electric w tamper resistant outlets Plumbing w PEX and copper Drywall w 9' ceilings Insulation Windows Interior trimPaintToilet faucets Flooring in kitchen and bathNice exterior door on back w small deckOpen concept inside w some 9' ceilings can also be a 1 bedroom w multiple living areas.

The bigger b. Remodeled in All hardwood flooring throughout and woodwork. Three floors. Huge yard with several lots. Natural fireplace. Third floor not remodeled. Large front porch, side deck and near high school. Possible Land Contract with sizable down payment on a sh. Land contract available with decent down payment. Please go by, then call if interested! Curry St. Ironwood, MIthanks,Robin. Cute and affordable 1 bedroom home with vinyl siding and great yard! Very nice living space!!

Electric heat and gas hot water. This is an investment property that I have just recently acquired and never lived in so it is being sold "as-is". Missing a couple shingles but otherwise appears to be in excellent condition.

Buyer pays close fees. Between Hancock and Calumet Mich. Close to airport and main snow mobile trails. Michigan field stone for building a beautiful. Will do land Contract on 10 acres has the following. Lake superior view and gorgeous sunsets. Two thousand 2 hundred feet main field spring thaw and flooding run of. You pay close fees. This home is ready for new owners. It has been a rental and showing neglect. It is vacant and can be moved into immediately. It is ready for a new roof and building materials New architectural shingles, ice shield, paper are provided with the sale, unfortunately the weather did not cooperate last fall to get it done.

Forced air natural g. Lake superior view and gorgeous s.Land contract available!

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A wonderful place to get away! Whether this is your summer retreat or year round sanctuary the beauty of nature will Terrific place to get away!

Excellent building location, pond, building site, driveway. Land contract terms available!

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The property features ' of road frontage and views of Lake Michigan Complete recent survey with Sorry no mobile homes allowed Excellent investment opportunity offered on Land Contract!

What a great piece to split with a few friends. Call today for more information. Close to Rifle River and approx ten minutes from West Branch Improved driveway from county road into the site. Power is on the property. Year round access. Seller will consider a land contract. Land Contract Terms Available! Beautiful, wooded 10 acre parcel in Wilderness Valley with electric service and year-round, maintained road For more details on financing terms available contact listing agent Sal Salmo for further details.

Nice Approx acres of tillable land. Nice pond and small swale make this location Seller will consider land contractExchange or other alternatives. Come take a look today! An extra long driveway easement means your home will sit away from the road for total privacy. Land contract terms available. Located in Mundy Twp. With MFR zoning. Potential Land Contract Terms. Proposed Indian Casino at Dutcher and Consider all all the possibilities!

Perfect for a dream home or homes. Deer hunters paradise. Seller may consider splitting acres. Short term land Spectacular ten acres in new subdivision'Silverado Estates'.Land contracts are a way of buying a home without a mortgage.

Leases with the option to buy and rent to own housing contracts are also ways of buying a home without a mortgage. While not having a mortgage may sound good, land contracts usually have fewer protections for buyers than mortgages.

Land contracts usually involve private sellers, not a bank or other financial institution. A land contract should outline what the buyer and seller are supposed to do. A land contract is a contract between a buyer and private seller for real property that has a home on it. With a land contract, the buyer does not get full ownership of the property.

Buying a House on Land Contract Eveything You Need to Know

Equitable title is the right to obtain full ownership of property. This is different from legal title, which is actual ownership of property. The buyer will not get legal title until the total purchase price is paid.

Land contracts can make property easier to sell because the seller decides the credit requirements and down payment amount.

The parties can also negotiate the monthly payments, including whether there will be a balloon payment. A balloon payment is an unusually large payment due at the end of the purchase period. The parties will also agree on the interest rate. In general, the buyer is in charge of making all repairs and paying property taxes in most land contracts.

Most contracts also say the buyer must get homeowners insurance. The most common type of land contract breach by a buyer involves payment issues. Any missed or partial payment can cause problems for the buyer. A much less common remedy is foreclosure. A seller can use either remedy for any breach of the contract. Most land contracts have a forfeiture clause. A forfeiture clause usually says that if the buyer breaches the contract, the seller can keep all money paid to it. The seller can also take back possession of the home.

The seller cannot forfeit the contract without a forfeiture clause. The first step in the forfeiture process is for the seller to send the buyer a forfeiture notice. The notice can be served in either of the following ways:.

In person, by giving it to the buyer or someone living in the home old enough to accept it, with instructions to give it to the buyer. This notice must give the buyer at least 15 days to cure fix the breach. The buyer can cure a payment breach in a forfeiture by paying the amount in arrears all the past due payments. The buyer could also voluntarily move out and give up the home.

The buyer cannot be forced to move out until much later in the process. If the buyer voluntarily moves out, this does not cure the breach. The seller could still start a court case. The only way to cure the breach is to pay the amount in arrears or address the breach in another way. However, the seller might only be interested in getting the home back. If the 15 days pass and the buyer does not cure the breach or move out, the seller can start a court case. They must file a summons and complaint in district court and serve a copy on the buyer.

The complaint must list all of these:. The seller must also attach a copy of the notice of forfeiture, showing when and how it was served. The buyer must respond to the complaint.Search MLS Properties. Map Search. Today's New Listings. Featured Listings. Land Contract Properties. Pic of the Day. Josh's Journal. Property Tax Estimator.

Snowfall Total Contest. Josh's Live Stream. Bridge Cam. Lake Superior Cam. Mackinac Bridge Cam. MTU Campus Cam. Hunting Journal. Buck Pole. Northwoods Forest Management. Forestry Journal. Monthly payment amounts and interest rates are often negotiable.

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mi land contract acreage

County: Keweenaw. Waterfront: Great Lake. Acres: Just a few steps away from your door you can enjoy a muInstallment land contracts, also known as contract for deed, is a variety of real estate owner financing that permits a buyer and seller to skip the bank approval process and work directly with each other.

Land contracts are a common way to buy and sell property in the state of Michigan, and while every land contract can vary due to the flexible nature of the deal, there are commonalities that every party should expect.

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The typical land contract, in Michigan and elsewhere, calls for the vendor to hold the deed in his own name as collateral while he temporarily finances the purchase for the vendee. The vendor usually wants a year loan, with a balloon payment due after five or 10 years. They agree on a price, interest rate and down payment, which is small on average and ranges from 1 to 10 percent.

mi land contract acreage

The vendee also agrees to maintain the property and perform necessary repairs, as well as pay property taxes and insurance. Deals are recorded with the county recorder of deeds. Average Michigan land contract terms call for a year amortization that requires the vendee to pay the entire balance due after the vendor-finance period ends.

This is usually accomplished via vendee refinancing. The payments that the vendee makes during the term accumulate an equitable share for her; that equity is used to refinance to a bank loan, and the vendor is paid in full. When that occurs, the vendor transfers the title to the vendee. If the vendee defaults, Michigan allows the vendor the rights of forfeiture, provided that the clause is written into the sale contract.

Forfeiture allows the vendee to simply return the property to the vendor if he falls behind on payments and cannot make them up. The vendee has either 90 or days to cure the default, depending on the amount of money she has paid into the contract. If she cannot cure the default, the property is returned to the vendor and the vendor keeps the payments made as liquidated damages.

Michigan also provides vendors the right to foreclose non-judicially if the sale contract contains a power of sale clause. This means that the vendor doesn't have to go through the court system to reclaim the house. The vendor may also foreclose judicially under Michigan law, but it's slower and more expensive.

The big difference between forfeiture and foreclosure is that in forfeiture, the vendee can become current by just paying the past-due balance and can then remain in the property, provided she stays current.

Foreclosure accelerates the full balance due; and in addition, may force the vendee to be liable for any deficiency that's not satisfied by the sale of the property. Michigan also provides protections for the vendees in case the vendor isn't able to deliver a clear title upon satisfaction of the contract meaning, the vendee pays the vendor in full.

The vendee can secure a court order that directs the vendor to deliver the deed. The vendee can also cancel the land contract, and demand the return of all monies paid into the property.

Finally, the vendee can seek additional money damages. By : Lisa Bigelow. Share Share on Facebook. Land contract buyers and sellers are called vendees and vendors, respectively. Money Made Easier.A land contract is a contractual agreement between a buyer and a seller of real estate—usually residential real estate. The contract spells out the price and other terms of the agreement, such as how taxes, insurance, utilities, and non-payment will be handled.

As part of the contract, the seller agrees to provide a deed usually a warranty deed to the buyer after all of the terms of the contract have been met. There are several reasons someone may choose to sell or buy real estate utilizing a land contract.

Here are just a few of the most popular:. There are a few down sides to selling or buying on a land contract. Here are some examples:. Mortgages exist after the deed has passed to the new owner. The buyer or new owner receives a warranty deed from the seller. He then uses his new property to secure a loan from a lender. This security is given to the lender in the form of a note and a mortgage.

The note creates the debt and the terms and condition of repayment. The mortgage secures the note. Land contracts describe the terms and conditions of ownership and how title will pass upon fulfillment of the contract. Disclosure: This Knowledge Base article is accurate as of the last update. Laws and policies are subject to change. If you have any questions, please call the office. Click here for contact information. Knowledge Base. What Is a Land Contract? Here are just a few of the most popular: A land contract may make the property easier to sell.

Since the seller is the qualifying agent and controls the stipulations of the contract, the seller may set their own requirements for the credit worthiness of the buyer, the amount of the down payment or any other item that might typically be dictated by a bank or some other 3rd party.

And, because the seller is setting the terms and conditions, they can establish payments that fit within the buyers budget and utilize the option of accelerating the loan through a balloon payment at some future date.

There are tax advantages using the installment sale method, as well. Taxes from the sale of a property are usually computed on an income-minus-basis method. With an installment sale, the taxable income can be spread out over a number of years instead of taken in the year of the sale.

In other words, you can avoid paying all the capital gains tax at once. The seller on a land contract can enjoy a regular cash flow without the headaches of managing rental property.A homeowner may sell his property to a buyer via a land contract.

This transaction type is also known as a "contract for deed" or "installment sale contract. Under a land contract, the buyer makes installment payments directly to the seller who finances the purchase instead of a bank or mortgage company.

Land contracts are allowed in Michigan, and specific laws regarding purchase and default apply. A Michigan land contract contains the names and signatures of the seller and buyer, as well as a description, or address, of the property. Land contracts in Michigan should contain the home's purchase price and the time and terms for payment.

mi land contract acreage

Homebuyers in Michigan don't receive full title to the property until they fulfill all land contract terms and conditions. Interest rates on Michigan land contracts can't exceed 11 percent. Land contract forfeiture is allowed when the buyer defaults on payments or fails to pay required taxes or homeowners insurance. Sellers must file forfeiture lawsuits against delinquent buyers through the courts. A buyer, however, may also sue a seller if he fails to comply with his responsibilities under the land contract.

Buyers receive written notice of a forfeiture lawsuit and have at least 15 days to bring payments current. An acceleration clause allows a land contract seller to call the loan due when a buyer defaults. Foreclosure on a land contract is rare and only allowed when an acceleration clause is part of the contract.

Foreclosure lawsuits can be dismissed if a buyer repays the defaulted principal and interest, plus foreclosure costs. To avoid foreclosure, buyers must repay all principal, interest and fees, or a court-ordered judgment of sale may be filed. Michigan prohibits sellers from further pursuing land contract buyers for money after a forfeiture.

Buyers are only responsible for the fair rental value of the property for the period between the forfeiture notice and a court-ordered judgment. Michigan law also requires foreclosed buyers to receive sale proceeds left over after foreclosure, if any. More often than not, however, foreclosed land contract buyers end up owing money because the properties sell for less than the amount due. Michigan Land Contract Laws. By : Tony Guerra. Share Share on Facebook. Land contract forfeiture in Michigan takes less time than foreclosure.