The U. Because there are some games you play when you can find the time, and then there are games you rearrange your life around. Soul Calibur II is the latter. So clear your schedule; you've got a can't-miss appointment with an undead pirate, a busty ninja, and a weirdo dressed with lots of flair.

When the original Soul Calibur came out on Sega Dreamcast, it was the best fighting game we'd ever played--and we're not qualifying that with an "arguably," because there was no argument almost four years later, only Virtua Fighter 4 and MF4: Evo--see page can compare.

Calibur was a huge step forward from its predecessor, Soul Blade, and not just because it looked beautiful; it was amazingly deep, especially for a weapons-based fighting game.

Unfortunately, Dreamcast's early demise and the dying arcade scene meant that most gamers never got to train with Soul Calibur. But now, for the one guy out there who didn't already know, Soul Calibur II is coming to all three consoles each version has minor differences and an exclusive character. Take the phone off the hook and put out the "do not disturb" sign--the wait is finally over.

Our souls, at least, still burn. Can't speak for yours. Screw it, I'll say the unspeakable: When this swordslinger stepped onto the scene, it eviscerated all comers, Virtua Fighter 4 included, and squatted to drop a deuce on their headstones. Soul Calibur II became my sensei overnight, and I've been abusing buttons ever since.

With this sequel, Namco chose to refine its previous work rather than rethink the series' already superb design. SC2 is anything but a lamp-heated rehash of last generation's leftovers and not only because many of you missed Cali's debut. This fighter's been training in secret for years and emerges from its sword school a leaner, faster, more lethal samurai, subtly improved in most every aspect.

Anyone can appreciate SC2's unmatched visual polish. And the screenshots you've been staring at all summer only hint at this baby's breathtaking beauty. You've seen the flashes that follow blades as they arc through the air.

SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny - Remove Female Armor CwCheat Pack

You've studied the stills of elegant arenas where sunlight filters through stained glass, curves around columns of cold marble, and kisses Ivy's perfect breasts.

But it's what you haven't seen that'll really blow you away. The animation is unbelievable. It's fast and fluid, making even over-the-top moves seem totally convincing. Watching a petite Talim deflect a blow from Astaroth's king-sized ax and stagger clear across the stage under a shower of sparks is all the proof you need. Namco's strategy of refinement carries over to Soul Calibur II's roster of characters as well.

Series fans will be thrilled to see their favorite duelists back in action sultry dominatrix Ivy's chain-whip punishments never looked so sexy, and gimpy Voldo's undulations are more disturbing than ever. Most of the returning characters pack new moves, combos, and stances, and the whole group has been rebalanced to weed out any unfairness. If you're new to the Calibur club, you'll be immediately impressed--this series has always been about stylish guys and gals wielding impressive weapons, and it's a blast just to explore the intricacies of each available avatar.

Sure, the fighting styles are fanciful, but these magically delicious maneuvers look so damn cool that you likely won't obsess over the lack of martial arts feasibility. If you're a series vet like me, however, you'll probably be a tinge disappointed by the lack of fresh faces. Although each console's version of SC2 offers a total of 23 characters once you've unlocked all the secret onesrealistically only three of them are fundamentally new: prissy fencer Raphael, sprightly tonfa babe Talim, and each system's exclusive character see above.

Of those three bonus dudes, Link and Spawn fit in the best--each has a nifty blend of special moves that seem right at home in the Calibur realm. Tekkeris Heihachi, however, is a sad old man whose pathetic punches have no place in a weapon-based fighter.

The other new dudes, Cassandra, Necrid, Yunsung, and Charade, are all loosely based on pre-existing characters and movesets from the older games. Still, the total number of characters is sufficiently massive and the variety wide, so I can't complain that much. Air Control, Guard Impacts, and all these other techniques in your holster, you can spend weeks training with just one character.

I've played my share of fighting games, believe you me, and none of them has come close to the depth SC2 has. This versatility, however, is perhaps SC2's biggest weakness.This mod allows Hive Soldiers to carry the following helmets: - Iron Hat. This is an unofficial expansion for age of empires ii the conquerors which is based on christmas and new year. This mod lets you start right away as the heir of the Western Empire.

Your clan will be the leader clan and you will skip the rise to power enjoying some A world that put trust into the hands of tyranny is one doomed to fail Project vigor, this was meant to be a new step for the world to embrace a life A Kingdom in chaos, enemies on all fronts, desperation and fear has infested itself upon the people of Arngor.

A dark and powerful enemy has risen, and Massive fleets, stats overhaul and changes, tweaks of abilities and a ton of other changes Anomaly is a standalone S. Starting with version 1. This mod follows the story of four survivors of a virus that has turned the entire global population into zombies hungry for human flesh. This package includes global changes, that include a variety of mods, high quality models, textures and much more.

Dead Air is a full-scale S. It changes all aspects of the game, from graphics, audio, and special Beta version is available. Far Cry: Death Valley Set in the universe of my project "A Wonderful Trip in Paradise", you will jump into the shoes of a commoner infantryman who was New ships New faction New system New models of planets, stations and other objects.

New weapons including new models. New product. New interior on bases Protok World v. Welcome to the Russia.

It's a mod for Crysis, where you are can walking in the forest, streets of town and apartments. We are Open Perpetuum: a collective of diverse, altruistic players like you, organized around the central principle of reviving and making a better Perpetuum No mods were found matching the criteria specified. We suggest you try the mod list with no filter applied, to browse all available.There is loads of content for everyone to enjoy.

We also have lots of new content coming to the store this week; to start with we have the greatly anticipated Battlefield 3 I have been waiting so long myself for this game.

Today you will also be able to download Infamous — Festival Of Blood which is a stand-alone version of InFamous where vampires have swarmed into New Marais and Cole — the one person who can save the city — has been bitten. Cole now has one night to battle through the bloodsucking hordes and slay the head vampire; otherwise his soul will be lost forever.

Sounds like the perfect game for Halloween. And finally we have PixelJunk Sidescroller available from today. Spray bullets, unleash laser beams and sling bombs at deadly enemies as you soar through fast-moving, unpredictable worlds. A range of additional Plus discounts across a number of Halloween Sale items including:. Silent Hill on the store! This is being looked into, we will be getting it in the EU but it will not be a pre-oder deal, thats all.

Still feeling awesome that I managed to snag a copy back in March 2 years ago. Still, yay! Maybe this time you will answer. Woohoo — Silent Hill! Thanks Guys :. Great update, good to see Silent Hill is back on the store!

But saving my money for Nightwing next week. I always thought the planned release was for October. Payday will not be out today, we are waitng for offical confirmation from SOE as stated at the top of the blog post. Very nice update this week, i will sure get infamous. Also any news for the dutch ppl about free realm. Free Realms has come into some complications that I can not discuss publicly, I am still investigating into this but it is looking less likely now which is a terrible shame.

I am not saying it will not happen, it just looks less likely it will happen anytime soon. Complain now — help uk. So that means you are not complaining now? If so thats great news and we will continue to try and bring you great deals.

Sephiroth That always confused me, I snagged it first time around, but I can never understand why it was removed. Thanx in advance. Sadly to provide this information of file size is a huge task, I am trying to see if there is a way round it but currently there is no easy way to do this. As for the question, is the any update on either of those? I will make some enquires. Nothing for me this week. And nothing for me any of the past weeks neither.

Can we have some information when we will be getting Hyperdimension Neptunia avatars? Update: I have just been informed that this has fail QA a couple of times. There might be some info on the publishers website about it. After few years I have a chance to play again this great game.A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks!

Ace Armstrong vs the Alien Scumbags! Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception Ace Combat X2 Joint Assault Aces of War Activision Hits Remixed Actual Crimes Jack The Ripper Aedis Eclipse Generation Of Chaos After Burner Black Falcon Age of Zombies Alien Syndrome Alien Zombie Death Aliens Vs Predator Requiem Angry Birds Ape Academy Ape Academy 2 Ape Escape Ape Quest Aquattack Archibalds Adventures Armored Core Last Raven Portable Armored Core Silent Line Portable Army of Two The 40th Day Arthur And The Minimoys Artic Adventures Polars Puzzles Asphalt 2 Urban GT Assassins Creed: BloodLines Astonishia Story AstroBoy El Videojuego Atari Classics Evolved Audition Portable Avatar Avatar The Last Airbender B B Boy Bakugan Defensores de la tierra Bamboo Blade BattleZone This mod allows you to change the walls of your cities in Space stage.

The uploader is NOT the original creator of this mod, the mod provided "as is A Mod that Makes things Easier in Spore. Requiere la V1. All cell mouths, movement and attacking parts only cost 5 DNA! The Mod adds feature that Spore should have put in the game on release. I found in my spore files this modification.

To enter it you must swim into water and get killed BetterSpore is made by BalLightning. But i upload 1. So here reupload for fans of this This patch was released for a US-only Dr.

Pepper promotion. There is no changelog, but it is known to add 14 new "mech" creature parts. Warning: You cannot Do you want to have more power in your games?

Do you want to defeat Epics without dying? So here is your solution. Before installing, reset your Video and Capture settings to default. This patch improves performance, increases texture quality on buildings, and more.

Finally the newest version of the most popular Spore mod, BetterSpore, is here. With new parts, tools and a complete overhaul of the game and GUI, you BetterSpore v1. It is mainly a patch to fix bugs, however there are a few new features. The latest version of BetterSpore, with new items, gameplay fixes, extended tribal stage and more! This mod increases the difficulty of many factors in the space stage of spore, to make for a more lively game.Esto es una puta mierda los juegos no valen son todos de Fileserve y hace tiempo que los archivos de Fileserve los eliminaron.

Hasta ahora ya no puedo hacer nada. Juego basado en la seria de dibujos animados con el mismo nombre. Videojuego de lucha que nos propone convertirnos en un gladiador de la antigua Roma.

Suena el silbato y comienza el partido. De vuelta a pataponlandia. Pues como el nombre dice, un emuilador que nos hara correr los juegos de Super Nintendo que ademas incluye mas de juegos.

El conocido simulador de baloncesto de EA Sport afronta una nueva temporada. Carreras, pruebas de pelele y toda la espectacularidad de la saga al alcance de la mano en cualquier lugar y a cualquier hora. Nueva entrega de la saga de carreras de Namco. Ha llegado la hora de volver a rescatar a estos incansables gusanos.

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