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Post a question. All forum topics Previous topic Next topic. Settling in. Message 1 of 3. Did a ping test to Google servers no issue Did a network check, no issues BB is fine Disable firewall - no change.

HiFor the last week my Cisco AnyConnect VPN has been dropping and reconnecting every minute or so and it is interfering greatly with work. Did a ping test to Google servers no issueDid a network check, no issuesBB is fineDisable firewall - no change. Alessandro Volta. Message 2 of 3. Try with the hub in modem mode. Message 3 of 3. I do not work for Virgin Media - all opinions expressed are of my own and all answers are provided from my own and past experiences.

Phone Virgin Mobile Home Phone. Apps My Virgin Media App. Stay safe online Security matters Switched On Families.I have a remote transcriptionist yes we still use them whose VPN client keeps disconnecting on her. I've also upgraded her client to the latest and greatest. The other 3 do not have any issues with the tunnel dropping. I've tried pushing the issue back on the ISP for a while now, but now that they have gone through all of their equipment it is back on us.

It basically boiled down to that our connection wasn't strong enough to account for how many people were connecting remotely and how many were local.

AnyConnect Client Reconnects Every Minute Which Causes a Disruption in Traffic Flow

The only solution for us is to upgrade our internet. The only thing I can suggest is have her log what times she's getting disconnected, down to the second. Then if you have some sort way to log your network traffic, we use Untangle, check out that timeframe in which she is getting disconnected and see how badly your network is getting hit.

If there isn't a lot of traffic during the time she gets disconnected, you know it's not your network and in which case, onto the next troubleshooting process. When she gets disconnected she should be receiving an error code and description, do you have those? I have similar issues with our remote clients. Currently I am going the direction of it possibly being a Netgear home router issue as that seems to be the only common denominator DSL and Netgear router of some type.

Once again it is only a few and in looking at the logs of our Cisco VPN box it just lists a fairly generic. Not a big deal as like in your case it is only like two folks that have this issue at this point I have setup a script to continuous ping a server or device that the remote machine has access to.

Minimal traffic, and keeps the line up. Keep alives are on as well, but I found that the connection would continue to drop. It works and I don't get complaints about their connections dropping, and this isn't creating any bottlenecks in my Internet pipe. I ended up having to up a command on all of the 's deployed to fix the issue.

Depending on the amount of request you might run out of NAT ports. Default is 5 minutes. I will decrease this a bit. This will knock you out cold every time. Another issue that frequently affects home users is an over-crowded or mis-configured WiFi environment.

cisco vpn keeps disconnecting

As a WiFi expert, I've seen everything from wireless security cameras to WiFi boosters, microwave ovens and cordless telephones interfering with communication between the wireless access point and the end-user's device.It has gone basically faultless with of the staff all working great and all of our 5 Site to Site VPNs being rock solid.

But yes, out of are OK. They can connect OK but they get random disconnects, or connect and no traffic flows. They are configured exactly the same as everyone else as well. The other user hasn't worked correctly from day 1, getting constant disconnects. We have reinstalled the client, replaced the laptop and nothing helps. The ASA log says the client disconnected so its not our side.

Did the watchguard VPN work on a different port? Did the user need to change anything in his home firewall for the connection to work properly? Same protocols for the VPN's? Wouldn't think it would be port related as the VPN does connect for this guy, it just drops later on at random times. One day it could be up for 4hrs then next it lasts 4 minutes, but as no other users are reporting the problem, even guys that travel overseas I'm thinking its something on his side.

Will double check the port number for him though and ask him to allow that out on his side anyway. Are they Macs? Do a constant ping and check for the following level variation i. Causes were bad ground at one location, noise in the signal path due to microwave next to user system, and powerLine ethernet use. Hard to troubleshoot these remotely and at least in my company we are not allowed to go to the residence. Whelton Network Solutions is an IT service provider.

cisco vpn keeps disconnecting

Are they wireless? I think Michael is on the right track, an environmental issue, especially since it works fine over a 3G device from the office. Ironically I had an issue with an ASA with the same scenario. You can turn up logging on the VPN client and see what it has to say about the disconnect, it will always give you a "reason" which might not be the real reason but a very useful clue never-the-less.

I have about the same number of users and have had the exact same problem with IPv6. That IPv6 is magically enabled. Once I disable it again, the VPN client behaves normally. Anyone else have that experience? Curiously I have read that many "experts" say disabling IPV6 via network properties does not really disable it. That the clearing check mark is simply, not binding the protocol to the network adapter.

Well call me crazy but isn't that the same result. I don't seem to have that issue with IPv6 for my users. I can't confirm that all of them have v6 enabled, but I can confirm that none of them would be able to turn it off themselves, and I have it enabled on my personal workstation at home.

The only issue I have ever had was the Mac thing - got really irritating have to log in 8 times a day when working form home. I'm in a Comcast area where they have dual stack enabled, my router is a year old and it supports IPV6 as well, so with that my laptop gets a true IPv6 and IPv4 addresses. That is to say there is no tunneling involved. Turn off IPv6 on the adapter no issues. With 6to4 I Pv6 packets are tunneled across an IPv4 network by encapsulating them in IPv4 packets as long your router is configured with dual stacks.Jump to content.

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 19 April - AM. Hi all, first time posting, hope this is not redundant. Over the last year the company I work as a Network Engineer for has been rolling out new laptops with Windows Well every now and then we will get reports of their remote VPN client disconnecting and reconnecting.

Well naturally all those issues come to me. I know my VPN is stable and works for most people but I had to prove it. This has been an elusive issue as people will complain one day and work fine for months, or days, or whatever. Anyways, I've narrowed it down to Windows 10 with wireless which others have also. But the procedure I'm about to give will cover ALL disconnects with wireless on Windows 10 as there are a few different scenarios.

You may have frequent disconnects every few minutesyou may have discconects every couple of hours, or even once or twice a day, and at last once a week. This procedure will cover it all, and believe me, if you have frequent disconnects now, you will have all of the issues that I'm about to tell you how to fix.

I hope this helps people. I could find bits and pieces in my research, but with all the testing and tweaking I did, I was able to narrow it down to the steps listed in my procedure. I've read many times where someone says "do this" or "do that" with no resolution to my problem.

The 2nd and 3rd ones are just in case the 1st one doesn't do it based on the network environment. Please read through the whole doc as there may be notes that might help you. The first procedure should resolve this issue and will be a rare occurrence to be required to move to the following ones. Preliminary Notes - Please read over before proceeding.

Cisco Anyconnect VPN Client keeps disconnecting on Windows 10

The user you are working with could have a bad connection to their wireless that will cause too much lag and delay to do a remote WebEx session. This is regardless if they are connected to VPN or not. This should stabilize the connection to allow them to join the WebEx session and allow you to proceed with the changes. This should not be a big issue but wanted to make a note about it. Resolution Procedure 1.

Expected Wireless Properties - Advanced Tab - Match Following Settings.

Cisco AnyConnect VPN OSX Connection Problem Fix

Power Management Profile - This is critical for idle disconnects. Clients can change this to what they prefer but may want to advise only to set time for 'on battery' and leave 'plugged in' as is. Click the network icon at the bottom and choose properties on their wireless profile that they are connected to.

cisco vpn keeps disconnecting

This will bring up a settings window for their profile. Scroll down to see Properties and the protocol should show If it shows connected on You do NOT want My internet connection is same and it was working fine on my previous laptop. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. Code 32 ". May be this could be the problem. I notice low Wi-Fi signal strength after switching to windows Distance to the Wi-Fi router has not changed.

Can anyone suggest how to resolve this issue. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Thank you Wilfredo for your response. VPN connection is already setup and I am able to connect it. However connection keep disconnecting for some reason. Please advise if how did you get resolved this problem? I am really fed up of seeing continuous error. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site.

Thank you. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

And you are sure that these login credentials are not used on any other device? Behaviour as you described usually looks the same if two or more clients try to connect with same credentials at the same time which is not supported with standard remote access licensing, only with RA premium. Posted 15 February - PM.

We've been using the client to site VPN for a while and I've started to see this problem when connecting via my Win 8.

I've asked most of our IT team who say they have not had any problems themselves. I've tried uninstalling the client and re-installing the latest 4. When I look at the vpn client I see repeated:. Posted 16 February - AM. Try changing the setting in the profile - advanced settings - Tunnel settings - Virtual Adapter configuration IPv4.

cisco vpn keeps disconnecting

Posted 16 February - PM. Yes I got an IP and the tunnel comes up. I'm able to start a ping to a remote server which works for about 30 seconds, then drops, reconnects, and works for another 30 seconds. I just tried switching to Direct Assignment, same thing no change. I had called support yesterday and they suggested I try the 3.

That didn't make any changes. I'm currently on hold with support to see if they can give me some more help on this. Posted 27 February - AM. Posted 27 February - PM. MIcha, appears to hit the issue. I was using the same creds on more than one connection. It would have been nice if I had received a proper error message instead of just being disconnected though. I had also spent some time with support who couldn't figure out the issue either.

I was being escalated to a higher level of support to further look into the issue.I get VPN disconnected each time I lock my screen even locking for a second and loging in back. It's on wired Ethernet connection and I've disabled "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". Still no positive result. I have the same problem. I also have a problem with Start Before Logon. After logon in Windows AnyConnect is disconnected and needs to reconnect.

I had the same problem when I first installed Windows 10 using version 3. I traced it down to the "Start VPN before user logon to computer" setting. When this is set, the VPN disconnects every time the computer is locked. Try clearing the checkmark - it resolved the problem for me. As another user stated, there is a problem with the start before logon component on windows 10 too.

I suspect the two problems are related. For now, I have instructed out Win10 users not to use the start before logon feature. Thank you for reply. There are only 2 checkboxes under Preferences tab.

Maybe all others are hidden by my employer or something else. After unchecking "Start VPN before user logon to computer" setting, connection isn't disconnected everytime I unlock Win10 computer. With this setting unchecked, "start before login module" isn't loaded. This way I don't have to reconnect VPN everytime I unlock screen connection is active until unlockbut it would be very nice if I could login to AnyConnect before Windows login.

I have same issue with two Win10 computers. Uninstalling "Start before logon" component helps with VPN disconnects while unlocking computer, but this isn't good solution for me, while i would need to connect VPN before Windows logon.

With "Start before logon" component installed, I can connect VPN before logon to Windows, but connection gets disconnected before i can proceed logon to windows. I haven't found any way to use "Start before logon" correctly on Windows I've raised this as TAC case and have been told this has been raised as a bug, both against Cisco and Microsoft.

Now i got AnyConnect to work correctly on Windows 10, with "Start before logon" enabled. No more disconnects while unlocking and Windows login works with SBL. I tried SBL with the new version 3. Buy or Renew. Find A Community. Turn on suggestions.

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