By Lancashire Fusilier, 18 Octoberin Arms and other weapons. I am pleased to share from my Collection 2 Pattern Sword Bayonets by two of the scarcer makers, Vickers and Mole.

Vickers did not commence production of the Pattern Sword Bayonet until mid, and by October only 5, Vickers bayonets had been delivered. When production of the P ended, only some 10, Vickers P Sword Bayonets had been produced, making the Vickers P the scarcest of the P bayonets.

This being compared with the some 2, Ps estimated to have been produced by Wilkinson. My Vickers Pattern Sword Bayonet is dated 11 17 for Novemberbeing part of that late production. Also note the distinctively large Vickers' clearance hole in the pommel, which was the largest clearance hole in any P bayonets. Mole and Sons of Granville Street, Birmingham produced the second lowest number of Pattern Sword Bayonets, estimated at only some 60, again as compared with Wilkinson's 2.

With substantial wartime ' in action ' and other losses, far fewer of the Vickers' 10, or Mole's 60, originally produced Pattern Sword Bayonets still exist today, particularly those is excellent all original condition.

Very nice pair of bayonets.

1907 vickers bayonet value

I also have both of these in my collection but my Vickers is not near in the conditon of yours. These were also "made" or rather remarked in small numbers too 10, so rivalling Vickers production figures I think The small ' v ' inside the large ' C ' on the Vickers blade ricasso, refers to the Vickers factory at Crayford in Kent, where the bayonets were produced.

Here are some more Pattern markings from my collection. Of particular interest are the two on the bottom left. Unfortunately, very few have survived. With the exception of the Siamese and the Ishapore all were found locally. Superb collection of bayonet blade markings. I have never seen the South African bayonet markings before, very interesting.

Here is one of mine and one subject to a great deal of debate as to its authenticity. Not a but a probably unfinished but probably genuine. Do you have a larger photograph of the complete upper part of the bayonet, showing the pommel, grip, and crossguard?

Also, are there any markings, Inspector's Mark, Bend Test mark, on the other side of the ricasso? Vickers produced a Pattern Pre-Production bayonet, and then abandoned the project in mid Then inVickers produced a very limited quantity of Pattern bayonets, which are extremely rare. If you would kindly post the additional photographs of your bayonet, that would be much appreciated by myself, and I am sure by other members also.

I had not seen either of those Threads before, and clearly your bayonet has previously been fully discussed at length, so no need to send any other photographs as they are all on the other Threads. In my experience, one of the ways to determine if something is authentic, is to find a known authentic example, and if possible, physically place the two examples side by side, and examine both closely.

Often, you find that if both are genuine, they match like two peas from a pod, and if one is fake, it is usually very obvious when both are placed side by side. Thats the funny thing with the Vickers bayonets - no one really knows exactly how many were made. I understand that the book says around 10, but anecdotal evidence and experience says otherwise. Many collectors believe there must be a discrepancy in the figures as the Vickers are just too commonly seen to be as scarce as suggested - most of the collectors that I have met have at least one example.

I feel that the Mole produced bayonets are far scarcer than the Vickers in general circulation so this would possibly suggest at leastwere made. Either way I'd like to have another look at their books.! Anyway some nice bayonets posted and a very interesting display of the markings - good stuff.!

I was particularly interested in the grips of the Vickers example shown as it helped answer a question of mine.The grips are made of wood, held together with two brass and steel rivets. There is on oil clearance hole in both of the grips or the pommel. The Bayonet blade which is in good clean condition, 12" in length, double edged and unfullered with a medial ridge running from the ricasso to the blade tip. The scabbard is the standard pattern mark 1 and has the number stamped onto the frog stud.

See Skennerton item B page and Price includes UK delivery. This bayonet is The blade is stamped with a crown over V. D, arrow together with inspection stamps. The backstrap has inspection stamps, numbers and letters. The pommel carries the number The scabbard is made of black leather and is mounted with a brass top mount and chape. The scabbard carries a crossed out number 12 to the frog stud and 38 gouged into the leather at the front.

The rear of the scabbard carries a stamp P. The end of the chape carries the number See Skennerton item B on page and The price includes UK delivery. The blade carries the crown over G. The other side of the blade carries the broad arrow and inspection stamps. The blade has a parkerised finish, the pommel and crossguard being blued steel. The wooden grips are wood held by 2 screw bolts and carry the number O The scabbard is the standard steel mounted leather with a round frog stud.

See Skennerton item B on pages to UK Pattern Bayonets and Variations. On this page I intend to outline the various pattern bayonets available to the collector, in much the same way as I have done for the AK pattern bayonets, and will use my collection and photographs from other collectors to illustrate the variations.

This does not cover the laterand bayonets which are effectively modifications of the to fit the US produced rifles. The listing below is by country. For more information, photographs and details I have compiled a CD on the P specifically for collectors, covering the blades, scabbards, finishes etc.

With rifles destined for service overseas, weapons for training purposes were in short supply. The development and use of a training rifle was necessary and inevitable. The key difference is the shape of the sight protectors i. These features alone are vastly different from service production versions and cannot be reworked or machined to transform it into a service part.

Other differences include WWI Grenade cup discharger mounted between the SMLE and the bayonet it locates the grenade correctly to be launched by a purpose made round fired from the rifle Repro By Mark Simm WWI wire breaker attachment designed to fit the and bayonet, by using a cam to allow for the blade width differences in the two blades. This adjusts the height of the wire V to align with the centre of the muzzle.

Pictures show it fitted to both the and thefitting is sprung clip and the cam is set by aligning numbers 3 and 7 with matching numbers on the main section.

Parade tip for bayonet, designed to prevent flags snagging on the tip of mounted bayonets during parade duties WWI Vigilant mirror, sold to act as "periscope" for troops in trenches, allowing them to see without being seen. Hinged clip on rear allows mirror to be attached to a bayonet or other object to get height or reach.

Signal lamp from WWI designed to fit on a Bayonet. This allowed it to stick up above the trench parapet and the morse key for the lamp kept protected below the rampart. Any help is much appreciated, and they are not Siamese replacements beiong different made and much more substanti al. There is some discussion that these may be Israeli contract as well. Locally made versions of the were made from steel stock and hand grinding. They also used UK made 's and P13's. Grips are held on by brass rivets in the same fashion as the locally made 's.Comments characters remaining.

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AutoCheck found record s for this. Message: characters remaining. Vickers Bayonet View Item in Catalog. See Auction Information for full details. Montrose Auction Inc. Description Terms of Sale Vehicle History. Item Description: Translate description Fixed blade bayonet marked Vickers with foreign proof markings. Includes leather sheath. This auction is permitted to engage in this activity by providing this clear disclosure to you, the bidder.

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You should contact the seller to resolve any questions before bidding. All invoices must be paid before items are removed from the sale premises. All federal, state and local regulations apply to firearms sales and transfers.New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. I put my hand on this rare Vickers P bayonet. When production of the P ended, less than 10, Vickers P bayonets had been produced from july to januarymaking the Vickers bayonet the scarcest of the P bayonets.

I think that the head-to-head arrow is the symbol of the definitive reform of a british weapon.

Vickers Pattern 1907 Price?

Thank you for sharing a such amazing picture Better still Always looking for military manuals, Dodge M37 items,books on Berlin Germany, old atlases beforemilitary maps of Scotland. English and Canadian gun parts. Nice bayonets, Sarge! I only have two Vickers, However, you may find some other markings from my collection of interest. I've been collecting the '07' now since I was Have two Remington s, Not so common as Wilkinsons and Sandersons in South Africa, but by no means rare.

These are from my collection here in England, as I do have a another in California. There are five more 'Vickers', and a further four 'Remington'. Here is an interesting point about the rarity of the 'Vickers' in comparison to that of the 'Remington'. Throughout my collecting history of the '07', I've noticed several contradictions to the mainstream of thought. Bearing in mind that no two collectors will search within the exact circles as another Albeit that Vickers had a total production of approx.

The total production count being one of those points. Where as, many of the Remington '07's may still be with their users Sarge, a very nice selection of bayonets and good photos. Numerically, I am unable to compete! I thus restrict the numbers of what I consider to be "duplicates" relating to any particular bayonet maker or variation.

1907 vickers bayonet value

In South Africa, very strangely, it is the locally manufactured '07 bayonets which are the rarest of all makes. Rumour has it that some of these were exported to the UK during the s.

Have you managed to get hold of any? Originally, I started out to obtain one '07' no matter the maker for every month of The Great War, which was nearly achieved after a number of years, but was becoming rather expensive.

Vickers 1907 Bayonet

Somewhere down the line I slanted off to try for every maker for each month of certain battles All through the collecting period, even now, one picks up various theories of this and that.New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. Okay, I know the Vickers Pattern '07 bayonets are rather rare.

I would love to add one to the collection, but I am hesitant. It is a lot of money for a blade and I would love to hear some thoughts.

1907 vickers bayonet value

Oh, and the July Vickers is also Canadian marked on the pommel. Thought I should add that. Well, I been looking for my Vickers bayo. Its Canadian marked, you say? Well, that must be the one I lost.

Bayonets - British

Thanx mate! In thought it was gone forever! WWI Canadian marked Vickers bayonet with the scabbard? Here in Canada, anyway. Exceptional find! If known, there would be lots of collectors chasing after that one! Glad I could help solve a mystery there, hoadie. Ayup Chaps I've posted these some time ago, but now as a tease At that time, I placed '' in the centre, so it got photographed twice.

I've acquired a couple more examples since then. The production and delivery of their '07's was rather sporadic.By ryandunny, 1 Junein Arms and other weapons.

1907 vickers bayonet value

Today I was given this bayonet. I know it was made in and was stamped again in and that the hooked quilon would have been removed if it had been in use throughout the war but I was wondering if there is a possibility if could have been used during the early years of the war or would this probably be unlikely??

Also can anyone tell me anything about the scabbard?? Also a faint 3EK on the hilt so nice to know it originally belonged to someone from the 3rd East Kent Regiment.

Thanks for the info Dave! Not matching numbers, but the majority aren't. I wish somebody would give me similar!! Just to add that yes, such a nice thing to be given as a present - plus some other data Starting with unhooked JAC P. You are very lucky there! The Australian Navy still had unhooked P. The fact it belonged to a 'home' unit and the lack of de-hooking and the missing clearance hole does NOT remove entirely the chance that it 'was there'.


The enormous loss of material in when the British army was retreating would mean that - as with the German army - all and everything, from kitchen knives, to old rifles, to old bayonets with 'home' units would have been thrown into action. The German army was even using the model rifle and older bayonets in WW1, while the Ottoman army was using rifles and bayonets originally issued in - albeit some modified for a contemporary cartridge. On scabbards I am not that familiar.

But, the AC mark is for - it is believed - A. Cooper of Birmingham. I've seen a couple of bayonets come on the market recently, produced in with no clearance hole These things do escape the system somehow, for whatever reason, but this ones certainly done its bit somewhere.

Going to look for more info on the scabbard now. Thanks for the info on the mark, I was struggling to find anything online myself. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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